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Lifting the curtain after 20 months of silence

It’s good to come back on the public stage after such a long time. When looking for investments, it is safer to refrain from sharing too much publicly since some potential partners want to reveal information in a way that fits their marketing strategies. Once you do sign with a publisher, sometimes they prefer to wait until the timing seems right. This is why we’ve been silent for so long. But no more!


The cat is out of the bag. We’ve partnered with Koch Media, which you probably know better for their brand name: Deep Silver. Working with them gave us access to more resource to bring the game closer to our vision and to polish the game beyond what was possible on our own. We could focus on the game and hire an external studio to do the ports. Not only that, it allows us to localize the game in more languages, and even add voice overs for our dialogues.


As I said, we’ve been working on the game this whole time. This means that we’re pretty far in development, after nearly 4 years. Today, we can finally announce the release date for Outward: we’re launching on February 12 next year! But there’s more…


There is one thing that Koch Media offered that really sweetened the deal for us… Outward will have a boxed, physical copy hitting the shelves as well. It may not mean so much to many of you, especially for PC gamers, but to us, to hold that box in our hands and to know that the game is easy to share between friends and family is a source of pride and a boon. We know that the retail market for games won’t be around forever, but it’s nice to know we made it there.


We will be heading to Gamescom next week to meet with the press. We always enjoy showcasing our games at these events and we hope that you will hear back positive impressions from the previews.


20 months is a long time in development, and some plans and features didn’t make the cut as we decided which priorities made the most sense. I assure you that these decisions were for the best, to make sure we would meet our quality standards. So here are a few things that were cut from the last time we described our plans for the game:

  • We slimmed down the game to 3 factions/main storylines and 4 regions. It still amounts to about 20-40 hours per playthrough. Doing everything the game has to offer should take around 100 hours of gameplay (but it’s hard to estimate for a dev, especially given the game’s difficulty)

  • Snow isn’t as interactive as before (it doesn’t dynamically melt when throwing a fireball and doesn’t pile up as high anymore).

  • There are no experience points: progression is mostly handled through trainers that you pay to acquire skills.

  • Some graphical changes, often for the better, but sometimes we had to rein back a bit for more stable performances.

  • We had to put on ice the idea of playing in splitscreen when online. We might be able to add it back later in a patch.

That’s it for news today. We’ll be looking into what would be the best time for a stream. For now we’ll focus our energy on Gamescom and we’ll get back on updating you more regularly from this point on.

Feel free to join our Discord channel or our Facebook group if you want to discuss all things Outward with our small community. Many developers are active on Discord, since we’re using it as an internal tool as well :)

Thank you so much for your patience. We fought tooth and nail to keep the project going because we want to deliver something you’ll appreciate and that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.


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