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March Update

Game Developer Conference

Usually we do our newsletter at the beginning of the month, but going to the GDC in San Francisco kept me quite busy and I kept postponing this update. I went there to meet with publishers for Outward and discussions are still ongoing, almost a month later. So sadly, I have nothing to announce at the moment.

However, one of the highlights of my trip was my participation to the MIX (Media Indie Exchange), a mixer for game press and indie developers. There was an amazing selection of games at the event and we were honored to be part of it. (Special thanks to Jaime Lin for helping me at the booth!)

Development Update

We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! After some thorough planning, we think we’ll be feature complete before the end of summer. Once we’re feature complete, we’ll blitz to finish the content, and then move on to polishing and debugging.

(Gabriel, our animator, made a new walking/running cycle for when the character is exhausted)

We’re revising how our progression system will work. At first, we wanted to split skills between different proficiencies that were needed to level up by spending experience point while resting. The problem was that it broke the flow, especially when playing in coop. The player already had a lot to tackle during downtime at camp: to stop to repair his equipment, to cook, to sleep, etc. Adding the experience points to spend in proficiencies before even getting your skills became too much.

We decided to go with a system that relies mostly on the skills themselves and forget about the proficiencies. We’ll have passive and active skills, and those will define the character’s abilities. The player still won’t be able to be good at everything, but it will be a more straightforward process to unlock the skills you want. These skills will be obtained by hiring trainers while in towns and other safe spaces.

That’s it for the news about Outward this month!

- Guillaume

PS: Oh and by the way…

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