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February Update

Nine Dots is now 6 years old!

On February 2, 2011, Nine Dots was officially incorporated. We sure don’t see the time flying, we’re too busy making games. It’s crazy to think we’ve spent more than a third of our existence as a company working on Outward.

Indies Séries by Ubisoft

On January 26, we pitched the game to Ubisoft and the National Bank of Canada for a contest. There were 2 prizes of 50,000$ to win for the province of Québec, and 33 applicants.

While we were not selected for either of the grand prizes, we were selected by the National Bank as a Top Pick, and we were also among the 5 finalists for the grand prize. It was flattering to be competing with such a line-up of game developers and we are honored for the recognition they gave us.

Development update

We’ve been working on a lot of different things in the past few weeks. We wanted to have traps ready soon as we feel that they’ll play an important role in the game, given our focus on preparation and setting up your environment to gain an edge in combat.

We’ve also spent a lot of energy lately on making sure the game runs well on console. There are many challenges considering the hardware limitations, but we’ve been making progress. The mix between console and splitscreen is making us do some compromises, but we feel that having more gameplay options to be more important than graphics.

We’ve also started creating dungeons in bulk. As we advance, we’re nearing completion on 3D assets for armor sets and creatures, and the bulk of the job left for our artists are environments and props. Soon, we’ll have enough dungeons to populate two of our outdoor regions.

While we’re at it, last month we started posting pictures of new armors, here’s a new one:

That’s it for our February update. Cheers!

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