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Hello all! Guillaume here, CEO at Nine Dots.

We’ve been mostly silent in the past year as we were mostly focusing on making Outward and we knew how far away the release would be. Without claiming that we’re near release (we’re not), we’re farther ahead now and we definitely have more to say and more to show about the project at this point. So from now on, you can expect a more steady flow of communication from us, starting with a monthly newsletter.

Join our Discord!

We’ve also created a Discord Server for people who want to talk about the game, and ask me some questions directly on the ask_the_devs channel in an informal way.

Here’s the link to the server, feel free to join in and introduce yourself!


Early Access / Beta

One question that I’ve been getting a lot lately is if there would be an Early Access program or a beta that they could join to test Outward. For now, we’re planning to do only a traditional launch, but that may change before release. However, we probably will do a closed beta and members of the newsletter will be the first to know and to be considered to join in. We’re still quite a few months away from being able to do this however.

Upcoming Twitch stream in December

We worked hard during last summer to make a compelling demo for PAX. However, it would be a waste to limit who can see the demo to only PAX attendees. We want to show you what we presented on the show floor as the subject of a live stream on Twitch. The stream will be on the 8th of December, at 20:00, eastern times (GMT-5).

That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading!

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