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Happy 5th anniversary to Nine Dots!

Well, time sure goes fast when you're creating a game studio from scratch. Quick recap:

In five years, we went from this place:

Making this:

To this place:

Making this:

And last week, we moved in here:

To make THIS:

So dreams do come true!

Dreams come at a price however, and this adventure tested our perseverance. We were close to shutting down the studio on more than one occasion, but we always kept going forward and now things are in place for a very promising future.

It would be a lie to say that we got there only by ourselves by working hard. We had tremendous support from our family, our loved ones and our friends. They gave us the strength and resources to keep going.

But the most surprising and humbling was the help we received from people we didn't know. People like Andrew Czudak, Gep, Alexandre Vanasse, the Extra Credits team, Min-Liang Tan, Mary Kish, Tom Ohle, Nils Trost and Ari Schumer did outstanding things for us almost out of the blue and we'll forever be grateful.

We received so much from those who backed our crowdfunding campaigns and from our players. The GoD Factory community is one of the most friendly and supportive I ever saw and we're lucky to have you with us.

So considering all the support we received, it's only natural to give a little something back.

So from now on, our first game, Brand, is entirely free on PC. Yes, the game is showing its age and our inexperience, but we're still proud of what we made and want to share it with as many of our players as we can.

While we're at it, GoD Factory: Wingmen is currently on sale for the week on Steam, at a 50% discount.

Last but not least, we are preparing a big party! We will announce the date and place shortly and we invite any supporter, any gamer, any game developer in the area to come by and celebrate with us.

Thank you everyone for being part of our adventure and stay tuned for more updates. We'll be here for years to come.

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