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GoD Factory - Happy anniversary!

Happy anniverday to GoD Factory! On August 29th 2014, we released GoD Factory: Wingmen on Steam. Yup, it's been one year already. I think now is the right time to explain a few things that have been happening between then and now. One thing we haven't been very loud about is the fact that we're no longer affiliated with Bandai Namco. Officially, we haven't been partners since March. Securing our distribution rights back allows us to make a few changes. For instance, we no longer advertise Oculus Rift support on the Steam store page. Actually, we always wanted to wait until the consumer version was out. While we would have liked to support all Oculus dev kits, they kept changing the software so much that our work always ended up obsolete. We might even end up unable to support the Oculus Rift altogether, since the consumer version might only be compatible with the most high end graphic cards on the market, making it impossible to recoup on development costs due to the limited market. Another thing we plan to do in the near future is to change the price of the game. Currently, a few countries are paying more than others due to regional pricing. I find this practice objectionable and still need to figure out how to have the same value everywhere, but before I make a move I need to validate how taxes work in all territories. We wish we could have added more to the game over time, but ultimately the content we need most is more players. So our next update will expand our reach to Mac and Linux, along with a few fixes, new communication macros and better UI. We're very close to being done with the update. However, due to the nature of our funding we are limited in how many hours we can spend on it. We've been mostly working on Outward since January, but every now and then we work on new GoD Factory builds in off hours, until it's ready for release. You can follow the developments during our wednesday streams, which we've used as a way to gather feedback and bug reports from our most involved players. Afterwards, our next big update will probably be porting the game to console. While we probably won't be handling the port to console ourselves, we're currently in talks with a few different companies to hand them that task. The technology we use should, in theory, allow us to have people playing on console also joining people online on PC, which means everyone get more players to play with. I look forward to that! If it does well, we'll have the resources we needed to do more content for the game! We want to add vanity items, new parts, even a new species if we can, but it all depends on the reception of the game on the port. Also, don't worry about us shutting down the servers: it won't happen. We made an arrangement and technically, for as long as the server company we're with is in business, the servers will stay up. So while we wait and see how the game will fare on Mac, Linux and eventually console, I invite everyone to check out the tournament hosted by Derpylz. The matches will be streamed on Twitch and then uploaded to youtube. We can't wait to see which team will win! Link to the steam discussion: A big thank you to our players. We're so glad that there are still people playing the game one year after launch, many of whom were there from the start. We're lucky to have you on board with us! Let me know if you have any question regarding the future of GoD Factory!

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