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Gep the Hero

Hi all! We got a pretty cool feature in mind for Outward, that was inspired by a good friend of the studio, Gep. You see, back when Nine Dots was just starting out, with less than a year under our belt, we did our first crowdfunding campaign (and the only one that was successful).

It was a pretty rough ride, with 5 guys working from my 86 square feet office at my appartment, hard at work on Brand in 2011. We had this campaign going and were only halfway through, when we received an incredible donation of 8000$, which meant we instantly met our objective. We wouldn't have made it as far if it wasn't for Gep's incredible contribution, which allowed us to get new hardware, software and a new office. The coolest thing was this: our highest pledge tier offered a unique perk: for each and every game made by Nine Dots, you would be immortalized as some legendary person in our universe.

In GoD Factory's universe, Gep was to be the very first human to ever get in contact with an alien species, and who did a great job at representing the species, creating an alliance between humans and guantris. There's even a ship part in GoD Factory called the Gep Protocol in his honor.

In Outward, Gep will have a more active role. As we said before, in Outward, defeat isn't necessarily the end. There are multiple scenarios that may happen according to the context of your defeat. One of them will be Gep saving your life. You would wake up next to a firecamp, not too far from where you were defeated, with your backpack next to you. There would also be a note, saying: “Howdy! I saw you were in trouble and you passed out. You owe me one! - Gep”

We'll also try to put some references to this mysterious hero saving adventurers here and there, with hidden tidbits of lore suggesting as to who he is. We're looking forward to have fun with it, and think it's a nice hommage to our dear friend, who indeed did something huge to help us when we needed it.

Thanks Gep, I know you're reading this too, and everyone at Nine Dots love ya!

- Guillaume

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