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Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Take a look at the brand new trailer below :

#TheSoroboreans #OUTWARDGame

You've asked for it & the time has finally come!🎉

Mark your calendars 📅

➡ Outward's first DLC "The Soroboreans" will land on June 16th and July 7th on consoles

Do you remember where you left your backpack though? 🤔


Hey everyone!

Today is finally the day, after a long time spent on the Experimental Branch, Outward's latest patch has finally been released on the Public Branch on PC and on PS4 and will be in the near future on Xbox One!

Find the full Patch Notes here:


- Game engine upgraded from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2018.4

- Changed how save games are cached on startup to reduce memory usage and reduce boot up time.

- Change how items without durability stacks/are saved to improve loading time.

- Open Stash interaction reverted to 'press' instead of 'hold'.

- Changed Leyline Connection's description from 0.15 to 0.34.

- Summon Ghost now change zones (loading) - Steel Shield Durability 175 instead of 220

- Tower Shield Durability 250 instead of 175, Weight 9.0 Instead of 10.0, Dmg/Hit 18 instead of 14.

- Dragon Shield doing Burning instead of Burn.


- Can now buy/sell bullets and arrow individually instead of full stack.

- Runic Claymore will allow runic casting while active. 1h Runic Sword will not anymore. (They were inversed)

- Added PT Serif font as fallback font for missing characters.

- Map Markers won't be reset if an area is being reset. - Map Markers are now being saved/loaded properly.

- Kirouac being visible in Levant even when left to Monsoon during the Mouth to feed quest. - Imbue effects timer will not tick down while in a loading.

- The two guards in Vendavel (in the same zone as Croc), now spawn on the right side of the gate.

- Changed all instances of Orochi to Oroshi.

- Calixa's Shield should not block her pistol shot anymore.

- Fix weapons dropped by enemies in the camping events that cause infinite decraft/sell bug.

- Added invisible collisions along the walls to avoid players trying to pass on the side of the wagon while its moving at both locations.

- Fix bow not shooting issues encountered when emptying quiver, or when switching area when a projectile is still in the air.

- Stack of items in Stash and various chest now correctly prompt the stack mover slider when trying to move the stack in inventory.

- When applying settings, borderless won't refresh itself if the mode wasn't changed.

- Fixed various typos.

*** Important note: Some of the changes to make the game run smoother is incompatible with mods. Go to your game properties and select the "default-mono" branch under the Beta tab to make mods active again. Note that some mods will still need to be updated to work on this version.


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